1. Vanishing Into Thin Hair, at Harbourfront Centre until December 29, 2013. 

    NEW IMAGES ARE UP - HAVE A PEAK: http://alexkisilevich.com 


  2. Midnight Dip2013.


  3. Lunar Spots, 2012 (& here is an install shot of Lunar Spots)

    My solo show Vanishing Into Thin Hair opens at Harbourfront Centre tomorrow, from 6-10pm. If you are in Toronto, would be lovely to see you there! More info below.

    Harbourfront Centre, Photography Gallery
    Saturday September 21, 2013 to Sunday December 29, 2013
    Opening Reception Friday, September 20, 6-10pm
    Curated by Patrick Macaulay

    Photography can often be illusion aspiring to the level of the mythical. Alex Kisilevich attempts to dissemble those notions, not by belittling the illusory, but by using the falseness of the studio to play on the tropes of studio photography. Kisilevich’s photographs divulge the constituent parts and backdrops of the photograph. The image consists of both the illusion and also the construction of the trickery. Much like a magician who shows how the trick is done while showing us the trick, Kisilevich let’s the cat out of the bag or – to stay metaphorically consistent – the rabbit out of the hat. That sounds risky for an artist, but Kisilevich is a consummate creator and showing the secret is not all he has up his sleeve. The imagery grows more expansive and evocative with the inclusion of the composites. He is safe in showing us the tricks, because that’s the fun bit. Not to hide behind the illusion, but to unveil the whole reason we love magic and these photographs are magic.


  4. Something about Thom, 2013.


  5. Thunder & Cone, 2013


  6. Something about Thom (II), 2013

    I’ll have some new work up at Angell Gallery for their upcoming exhibition, opening tomorrow evening. In good company, as the show features local celebs Andrew B. MyersBrendan George Ko(komo). If not for the art, come for the beer, which will be free and flowing. 

    Opening reception details here


  7. Don’t Be Sad, 2013


  8. Backdrop. 2013.


  9. Here is a digital test/outtake for a new image. 2013 


  10. Well, if you are reading this and happen to be in Japan: stop by the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts. A few of my images are in their Young Portfolio Acquisitions Exhibition. Runs from March 23-June 23, with a reception on May 18. Wish I could join!